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Terms & Conditions


1.Payment in full is due by 20th of the month following delivery of goods .Customers failing  to honour their obligations may, without notice, have their credit facility withdrawn and any negotiated price discounts revoked, and also incur interest and collection charges of overdue account. Monthly interest rates will be charged at the banks overdraft lending rate and interest shall accrue both before and after judgement.

2.Cash sale customers payments to be made prior to pickup or upon pickup.

3.All goods remains the property of HESL until fully paid.

4.Any components we service, repair or make new are fully tested to customers satisfaction before they leave the workshop.

5.HESL will not take any responsibility for any damages whatsoever to the goods resulting from malfunction of such goods where they are:

a) Fitted by any other person not a staff of HESL.

b) Any added work or unauthorised repairs on components not recommended or approved by HESL.

6) We do not take any liability on goods repaired or components not fitted and checked during operation by any other unauthorised person.


7) HESL takes all responsibility if our product fails, we will repair or replace goods.

8) Any components fail to operate should be returned immediately before further damages.

9. If any dispute arises and the supplier considers the dispute is one which is suitable for mediation, the parties will try to settle the dispute by mediation before resorting to litigation or arbitration. Any party may initiate mediation by giving written notice to the other.

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